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Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Energy Saving 3M Window Film
Residential and Commercial Buildings
Do you need Window Tinting in Lake Charles? if so, SWLA Solar Solutions installs 3M Window Tinting in Lake Charles. Call for a free estimate when you want the very best window tinting.

Note: This company does not install Auto Window Film.

Denise Prunty is the proud owner of SWLA Solar Solutions and she has an outstanding reputation for providing her customers with excellent service and the best window film products available. Make sure that you check out her photo gallery and read some of her unsolicited testimonials.
Residential and Commercial Window Film... 3M provides outstanding products for both residential and commercial applications. These window films will reduce the glare and the heat in your home or place of business and at the same time, will help to substantially lower your air conditioning costs during our hot summer months in Southwest Louisiana
Eliminate Costly Fading... Since 3M window films will block up to 99.9% of all UV rays, you will find that you will no longer be faced with faded furniture, draperies, carpeting or flooring. If you're a business owner with window displays in direct sunlight, you'll no longer have to worry about your inventory being ruined which will definitely lower your overall profitability.

Reap the Benefits of 3M Window Films... 3M has a proven reputation and has earned the trust of millions with superior products for over 100 years.
  • Saves energy by rejecting up to 70% of solar heat.
  • Improves comfort by eliminating hot spots.
  • Installing tinted window films creates privacy.
  • Reduces glare which will help to improve TV viewing.
  • Reduces glare which lessens eye fatigue.
  • Outdoor images are sharpened by reducing glare.
  • The SPF on many 3M films exceed 1,000.
  • Decrease the chances of Skin Cancer.
  • Helps to protect the occupants from broken glass that can be caused by severe storms and accidents.
  • Provides added protection that will help to deter thieves from smashing through windows and sliding glass doors.
The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a traditional unit of energy. When the sun strikes unprotected glass, it will produce up to 230 BTUs per square foot. Unprotected glass is a building's most vulnerable area for heat gain. Just 60 square feet of glass can admit as much as 13,800 BTUs of heat each hour. Each ton of air conditioning can remove 12,000 BTUs of heat in one hour.

If you can reduce the amount of BTUs entering your home or business, you can save a considerable amount on your air conditioning costs. To see exactly how 3M Window Film can tremendously reduce the amount of BTUs, simply click on the YouTube link above to watch an independent glass test using 3M Window Film. The video is 44 seconds long and very informative.

After viewing this amazing video, call Denise for affordable window tinting in Lake Charles. She will be able to show you just how easy it will be to lower your utility bill and to make your home or place of business more comfortable for all concerned.
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
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