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Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
Excellent Customer Service Provided
SWLA Solar Solutions is proud to say that they are a detail-oriented company that focuses on the satisfaction of each and every customer. After reading the unsolicited testimonials that were submitted by Denise's satisfied customers, you will understand why she receives so many customer referrals.

If you want to lower your air conditioning costs and you want to experience the best customer service in Southwest Louisiana, pick up the phone and call Denise and let her know how she can be of service. You can always count on an outstanding estimate and the built-in quality of 3M products.
Window Tinting in Lake Charles, LA
We had solar solutions high quality window tint installed on our upstairs west windows. That very day we noticed a 10 degree drop in temperature upstairs! We are very pleased with the quality of the product. We plan on completing the entire house in Solar Solution Tint after we install new windows throughout the house.

From: Scott B., Lake Charles, LA
We have a wall of windows that gets west afternoon sun. We had the product installed and noticed a big difference in the indoor temperature of our room and a big difference in our electric bill. We are VERY pleased with the product, the installation, and the result. We highly recommend SOLAR SOLUTIONS.

From: Joanie S., Lake Charles, LA
We had several windows done, using 2 different UV percentages. It really makes a difference in a room. This was our second time to do this. Will probably end up doing the whole house.

From: Paula N., Lake Charles, LA
I had several windows tinted by SWLA Solar Solutions at my restaurant. Denise responded quickly when I asked her for a quote. She gave me several options to choose from and even had samples of each option for me to compare. She also provided a very long list of companies that she has done work for. She helped me pick the window tint that would work best for my needs and the price was extremely affordable. She was very professional and punctual. I couldn't be more happy with the quality. I will definitely be using this company again in the future.

From: David B., Lake Charles, LA
We have been unable to use our sunroom for several years during the summer months due to the extreme heat. Last summer, we had all of our sunroom windows tinted by Solar Solutions and the results were immediate and remarkable. We're happy to have a usable sunroom and a significant savings on our energy bill. Solar Solutions was professional, timely and their work was flawless. I highly recommend them.

From: Maria L., Lake Charles, LA
My staff felt the large glass storefront allowed too much heat in and made it uncomfortable to work in close proximity of the windows. SWLA SOLAR SOLUTIONS applied a window film that has made the room much cooler and reduced cooling bills. I am very satisfied also with the appearance as the type I purchased looks very professional with very little reflection from the outside.

From: Jim Mitchell Insurance, Lake Charles, LA
Denise and her crew at Solar Solutions did a great job on all of the windows and glass doors of both my pool house and my main house. It was an easy sell by Denise when she demonstrated the premium product to me. The tint over the windows does not even slightly obstruct my water views which was something that had previously kept me from tinting the windows. The glare is gone, but the river is clearly visible! The house is also cooler on that hot South side!

From: Rita R., Lake Charles, LA
Solar Solutions put film on the windows at our business in downtown Lake Charles - It has made a significant difference in our electric bill and helps keep the heat from our lobby area. Due to the film being placed on the windows, our products are protected and keeps them from fading. We definitely recommend SWLA Solar Solutions!

From: Chelsea B., Lake Charles, LA
I've had my windows done on the West side of my house earlier this year and I have felt a huge difference in the temperature in my living areas. I would highly recommend SWLA SOLAR SOLUTIONS. They were very prompt and professional. I am well pleased with their work.

From: Cecile C., Lake Charles, LA
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